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LCC - Lightweight club calendar

a single-sign-on capable, extensible, PHP based web calendar to manage event participations

What's that? What can i do with it?

LCC is a simple but very flexible and extensible club calendar. LCC is - like the name says - mostly intendet for clubs but beause of its flexible nature LCC could also be used for many many more scenarios.
The main features, apart from the additional advantages mentioned below: It is mentioned in the list, but the point "access control" needs some more detailed explanation. You can fine tune who is allowed to perform which speficic tasks based on user levels and group memberships. The levels and groups are provided from the selected UserDriver which is responsible for fetching the needed information from some external datasource (like phpBB or a database). With this tool on hand, you even may disable complete features of LCC (you can turn of the subscription state 'unknown' for example) or build very complex hierarchies (users add events and only admins are allowed to change/delete them, or only group leaders can assign users)

There are so many calendars out there, why should i use this one?

Most other web based calendar apps are overloaded. LCC does not much, but what it does it does well.
The main advantages of LCC are:

Available drivers

Currently (as of version 0.9.3) we feature the following drivers:


EventDrivers are responsible for storing/retrieving data about events. This includes start and end times as well as additional information like a event description. You can add as many custom fields as you want.


The NoteDrivers are used to attach notes to events. Since NoteDrivers and EventDrivers work completely independent, it is possible to store events in flat files but store the associated notes in a database. As with the EventDriver, you are able to extend the notes data with custom fields.


UserDrivers give LCC the ability to distinguish differtent users. Most drivers feature single sign on capabilitys, so you can use the login of, for example, a forum you have installed. This way, LCC does not need an own user management.


LCC features language autodetection and selects an appropriate language for the user viewing the application. If LCC can't determine the users language, the default language (english) will be used.
Currently (as of 0.9.3) we have the following languages available: English, French, German, Polish, Slovene, Spanish
Please have also a look to the project site for a more recent list.

How can i get the code? How can i install LCC?

You have two possibilitys to retrieve LCCs source code needed for running LCC:
If you just want to run LCC you can download the latest stable file release at the Sourceforge download page. But if you are brave or want to help in development, you may fetch the latest development code from Subversion (`svn co lc-calendar`)

Instructions on how to install and run LCC is included in the documentation subfolder.

I want to help you! What can i do?

If you want to help me, it is best to check out from SVN (see above) and have a look at the 'documentation' directory. Help is appreciated everywhere but at most at writing new drivers, new translations and new designs. You can submit patches at the patchtracker. Please use unified diffs (diff -u).
Of course it will be a good thing to test LCC and open bugreports on the tracker. Also it would be nice if you tell me your ideas about enhancements - just open a feature request ticket at the tracker.

How can i get help if i get stuck?

The best thing you can do is to open a ticket at our support request tracker. If you think you found a bug, please open a ticket at the bug tracker instead.

Cool, okay. Is there more on this website than just this?

Well - no, for the following reason: All of our news, releases and other stuff will be on the poject site, so duplicating them is just work overhead.
Please have a look on our project site.
I will update this website infrequently, the most recent informations will always be on SF!
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